Martha Hoar

What’s a piece of advice you would share with the Champlain students, perhaps something you wish someone had told you when you were their age? 

My mother thought she was being very modern when she told me in 1952 that “sex is beautiful.” But she didn’t tell me it’s fun. However, today, I think kids have gotten bogged down in the fun part – “if it feels good, do it,” with no sense of responsibility. I think that sex is not just a toy. It’s important that even if the timing is wrong for you to raise a child, this would be a good person to have a child with. The arrival of birth control has been a huge factor in shaping modern ideas. s

What’s something you would like to share with younger adults about the experience of being an older adult now?

Based on 60 years (I’m 82) of monogamous life, sex can be varied and joyful throughout one’s life. I’ve been a widow for nine years and boy do I miss the sex (and also of course the love and companionship).


One thought on “Martha Hoar

  1. In choosing a partner, one person will look at someone and see wonderful physical attributes for fun and games. And another person will see the potential merging of two powerful personalities. Sex is a bonding agent, a merging of not only two hearts, it also mixes emotions… his and hers [you are what you eat]. If your in a good emotional place in your personal development, look for someone who is also conscious in theirs, and the relationship will move on silk.
    If he’s had a bad day and is now a bit grumpy, you may want to hold back on the sex until he’s processed back into being happy. Otherwise he’ll just be dumping into you, and it’s not yours to process. And yes, this goes both ways.
    So remember this: when you merge your body into theirs in the act of sex, you’re doing much more than inserting Item A into Slot B. You’re taking in that person’s energy and their state of being. “Accept into your body only someone you would want to become“, because there’s nothing so influential as a person’s energy as transmitted through sexual intercourse, for the quality of life your leading. –C Snell

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